Stellantis Plans Fully-Electrified Future for Dodge, Jeep, Ram Lines

Posted at Fri, Jul 23, 2021 2:15 PM

The future for us here at Landmark Dodge will include numerous sustainable options, and the Eco-conscious change will arrive in all shades! Stellantis is the parent company of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram, and they announced this week that over 40% of vehicles in the US will be low-emission builds by 2030. The long-term plan is to get there with a revolutionary mix of EV's and PHEVs and four ground-breaking new platforms that can be built into electric cars. 

The cars and crossover SUVs of the future are going to be built on small, medium, and large unibody platforms, with the pickup trucks and off-road-oriented SUVs using a body-on-frame platform. All of these will have ranges between 300-500 miles along with the industry-best fast-charging capability of 20 miles per minute. These are incredibly exciting ranges for the average urban commuter: 500 miles on a charge gets many busy families through half a month of driving easily!

Ram is now staring straight into an incredibly promising future with an all-electric version of the Ram 1500 on the way for 2024, and all three of its most popular vehicles preparing to go all-electric. A rendering was rich with shadows and showing a sleek, short bed also reveals a prominent light bar and LED rendering of the RAM logo up front, and a low roofline projects unique and futuristic energy. 

Jeep executives have doubled-down on a promise to offer an outdoor-ready and all-electric PHEV vehicle in every market segment, providing detailed renderings of what a plug-in hybrid of the latest and greatest Grand Cherokee SUV 4xe would look like. Right now, the Wrangler 4xe is the first vehicle ever to boast a front and rear locking differential as a plug-in hybrid, and is paired with a 17kWh lithium-ion battery pack and regenerative brake booster. The Wrangler 4xe now also boasts the ability to properly document your-offroad adventures in “follow-me” mode, with a drone to dip through the canyons and brush to record an awesome digital memory!

Dodge is going with a car that will “tear up the streets instead of the planet,” with its new versions of eMuscle cars. Visuals show a nose reminiscent of what the Challenger offers, surrounded by LED lights and under a cloak of thick smoke. One of the biggest challenges electric muscle cars face is the need to convert combustion into the constant rotation of high-powered engine parts, and it is going to be thrilling to see what engineers behind the 840-horsepower Dodge Demon can cook up with a bit more Earth-friendly tool selection!

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