2025 Ram 1500

Post Rebel Yelling + an Off-Road Capability: The 2025 Ram 1500 RHO

Posted at Fri, Feb 9, 2024 5:30 PM

Experiencing all the rapid advancements in the truck world has been thrilling for us here at Landmark Dodge of Morrow the past few years, as the various updates and raw power has been monumental. Performance, comfort, and ease of use have all taken center stage to nail down their respective pieces of the pie, with the result offering an incredibly versatile and competent lineup. Ram had many noticeable updates for 2025, adding a completely refreshed design, brand-new powertrains, and two new trim levels.

One of them is the RHO, which has admirably doubled down on earthshaking performance and will cater to a new type of wilderness-hungry demographic. It will not be quite as lethal as the TRX, which ends production after this year. But it is on track to be just as capable, not created to dethrone the TRX, but offering trail-swashbuckling traits which carry over to a broader audience. There won’t be a V8 Hemi starring front and center as the power source, as the new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline turbo-six Hurricane cranks out 540 terrain-conquering horsepower.

The RHO will reside at the top of the lineup, with an official release said to occur during the third quarter of 2024. Since the regular half-ton Ram 1500 donated its luxurious cabin and platform to the cause, many drivers have their focus keenly shifted on just how much fun this truck promises to be off-road. Cosmetic changes to the truck’s front and rear ends are expected, while the Car and Driver staff finalized while wondering aloud that this could be the ultimate “F-150 Raptor fighter.” They went on to recognize how Ram has redefined expectations for truck interiors, with segment-leading noise insulation and rich-looking materials. 

The RHO is likely to roll off lots predominantly as a crew cab with a short cargo bed, with most of its standard equipment based on the non-conformist Ram 1500 Rebel. Ram CEO Tim Kuniskis suggested that the new version will continue on with chunky 35-inch all-terrain tires, a reinforced frame, and an entire foot of resilient suspension. The RHO will also flaunt a wider body than the standard Ram 1500, and it will feature some appealing new interior technology. While specific torque features and 0-60 mph times are still undisclosed, professional estimates suggest a performance in the 5.0-second range. 

Blending its signature offerings of comfort and capability, the 2025 Ram 1500 offers a diverse range of six-cylinder engines! High-end trims such as the brand-new tungsten and limited aim to emulate top-tier vehicles while holding on to the workhorse characteristic inherent in our brand. Eagerly snatching up the baton from the TRX is not a simple task, but all of us here at Landmark are certain that this new engine will open the door to various driving dynamics that TRX enthusiasts will still love.

For those who are wondering if the TRX team is still ever going to make a triumphant return, there's definitely room for cheerful optimism! There may be a new TRX barreling down the hill soon, based on the new plug-in hybrid Ramcharger or the electric Ram 1500 REV. Both sport powertrains crank out 650-plus horsepower, and there’s even potential for a future model that could surpass the commanding 703-horsepower benchmark. One thing is certain: the raw spirit of long-awaited adventure and raw power in the diverse world of Ram trucks is not at all on course to slow down or “mellow out!”

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