Motor Trend: All-Electric Dodge Muscle Car in The Works For 2024

Posted at Fri, Jul 16, 2021 10:15 AM

With all of the recent innovations in automotive design and performance, we are always being asked about the future of muscle cars. For decades, they existed as gas-driven powerhouses that turned heads everywhere with massive amounts of power, a distinct symphony of raw sound, and chops tough enough to beat out any contender. 

The staff at Motor Trend published a blog just last week that relayed Dodge's official announcement that a purely electric muscle car will become a reality in 2024. All of us here at Landmark Dodge have seen the success of the Hemi, Hellcat, and Demon. They have all made legendary names for themselves and will never be forgotten due to their class-leading performance in speed and immediately recognizable potential. Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis recently said “if an electric motor will make it quicker, we will do it.” 

Every time Dodge has upgraded the Challenger and Charger, market share has risen sharply, showing that there is still demand for a model with blistering speed and precision handling. Even though the hefty gas engine has remained king for so long, motors and batteries are the natural evolution of the modern muscle car. 

Our first BEV muscle car will go easy on the planet while still conquering the streets. In a brand-new video clip, Dodge shows off the new EV ripping through a furious burnout, admitting “performance made us do it,” not just the global demand for automotive sustainability and responsibility. 

The muscle cars will come from STLA Large, which is making promises in the 500-mile range from a single charge (about double the number seen on a few of the industry's current EUV offerings). 98 percent of models coming from 14 brands in Europe and North America will soon be electrified, forever changing the face of the industry as many have long known it. We still invite you to check out the Challenger and Charger in their current form because we know that in just a few short years, it will be precisely a matter of “current” that will supply the juice! 

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