Jeep Grand Wagoneer L

Jeep Grand Wagoneer L Excels in Packed-Tight Holiday Trips by Acing Autoblog’s Luggage Test Series

Posted at Thu, Dec 8, 2022 11:45 AM

There are so many qualities of cars that attract savvy buyers, and some of the first ones on the checklist are ample power and appearance. Everyone here at Landmark Dodge of Morrow would have to agree that when lives become a bit more domesticated, the responsibilities at hand for your family or small business place a very specific type of demand on your daily travel. Autoblog’s regulars have become familiar with their Luggage Test series, which reports back to consumers on just how much available space they’ll have when they drive off the lot. 

Writer James Riswick was moving last week, so having the Jeep Grand Wagoneer L in his possession turned out to be a true holiday blessing. He had to find a way to transport his office chairs, a desk, new baby crib, a highchair, boxes of clothing, and various other very large items. Lucky for him, the Grand Cherokee L is about as big as it gets, with it and the non-Grand Wagoneer both enjoying a full foot more of length than the non-L, along with 7 inches extra in the wheelbase department. 

The Grand’s total resides at nearly 19 feet long, which is just one inch longer than the full-size and very popular Chevy Suburban. Behind the third row is where things “get real”, and the driver can boost productivity and the sense of go-anywhere accessibility. Once you put the seats down, storage space grows to 44.2 cubic feet, with the ability to lower them easily by pushing buttons at the liftgate. The third row also goes back up at the touch of a button, which makes accomplishing demanding tasks so much easier than they were a few decades ago. 

James and his troupe-in-transit were able to fit a Home Depot wardrobe box and a Cozy Coupe that was able to fit behind the second row. His son’s extra-large Britax car was able to fit in the other seat, and they were even able to include a Thule stroller in the mix. On the second harried run to settle into the new digs, the family was able to fit their mattress, a small desk, a mini crib, a large dog bed, a Stokke highchair, and the necessary Large and XL moving box along with another plastic 3-drawer set. 

As the gang was loading some goods on the roof, the rearview camera mirror proved to be one of the most useful features in the mix, offering a massive advantage to keeping everything taut and secure during the job. While they were surfing the web looking for the choice spots to grab a bite to eat and hang out at their new address, James’ family were very thankful to not feel as if they were cramming everything they owned into a tiny mobile “Santa’s shed!” 

We hope to see you this holiday season here at Landmark, where this and many other vehicles suitable for the times you need to get the show on the road will suffice! 

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