Hellcat's Swan Song: 2024 Ram 1500 TRX Final Edition Delivers Unprecedented Power and Capability

Posted at Thu, Sep 14, 2023 11:15 AM

For the last three years here at Landmark Dodge of Morrow, the Ram 1500 TRX has been a premium choice for drivers who constantly crave off-road action and first-rate performance. The staff on duty providing the scoop at Mopar Insiders recently announced that our awesome supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI HELLCAT V8 engine will no longer be available within future RAM TRX lineups. There’s still hope for diehard high-octane enthusiasts, as a consolation prize will exist in the form of a Supercharged V8 “Final Edition.”

There are so many cool things included with this edition that, much like when we glance at an off-road trail map, we don’t quite know where to start! First off, the entire very sweet package rides on Satin Titanium Bead-Lock Capable wheels, and 6.2-liter supercharged hood badge. There’s also a unique “TRX” bedside decal, along with Patina stitching on the dashboard, seats, and the back seat. You’ll also be identified to passers-by immediately with the Satin Titanium TRX dashboard badge. 

Three paint types will announce your preference for everything big and burly in life: Delmonico Red, Night Edge Blue, and Harvest Sunrise are poised on center stage and ready for action. The simply amazing star of the show is the HELLCAT V8 that cranks out 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque. Reaching a top speed of 118 mph and paired with the 8HP95 TorqueFlite 9-speed automatic transmission, you'll be rocketing up to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. You’ll scorch through the quarter mile in 12.9 seconds, gracing the asphalt thrillingly at 108 mph.

Ram brand CEO Tim Kuniskis claimed excitedly that “the introduction of the Ram 1500 TRX ushered in a significant change in the world of high-performance off-road trucks with a Halo effect that will endure for years to come.” Even though a very memorable chapter of performance is coming to an end, it is by no means the final chapter of a superbly built story. When the TRX debuted in 2020, it easily cemented Ram as the number one and most resilient off-road truck brand in North America.

Stricter regulations on emissions, government authorities taking hold of the market, and shifting consumer preferences have all made their mark on the future of gas engines in automobiles and trucks. Many loyal fans are now wondering when a battery electric TRX will arrive, and we currently expect the next Ram models post-2024 will start receiving the next Hurricane hybrid drivetrain system. The Motor1.com blog recently posted that the TRX is a truck that “is incredibly comfortable for daily use and even more so for long journeys.” 

The Final Edition is otherwise loaded up quite nicely with matte carbon-fiber interior trim, a 19-speaker Harman Kardan sound system, and a head-up display. The Ram TRX has been such a fantastic means of excitement for those who want to stake their claim to unknown territory and go where not many dared to venture. There's something quite satisfying about a rig that holds the clout of the most powerful street-legal production pickup in its class, and up to 32.9 liters of air delivered per minute to the engine. The high-performance air-induction system filters four times more debris and dirt than the competing Ford Raptor, and the Ram TRX is constructed of a 98% high-strength steel frame. 

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