Chrysler Halcyon Concept

Form, Function, and Future: A Close Encounter With the Striking Chrysler Halcyon Concept

Posted at Fri, Mar 15, 2024 9:15 AM

We have always had our eyes firmly planted on the future here at Landmark Dodge of Morrow, as this is where our far-reaching dreams intersect with our present mechanical ability! Chrysler previewed the Halcyon Concept on the web last month, embracing our future direction towards sustainability, the modern marvel of electrification, and innovation. The Concours d’Elegance at the Amelia in Florida was the scene of this thrilling preview last weekend! The Halcyon Concept was revealed during a rainy day at this legendary golf club.

Officially presented as a brand-new and innovative all-electric sedan, the Halcyon serves as a solid anchor for a turning point that relies on innovation and emerging technology. The concept’s purpose is to join the “harmony in motion” ethos with an incredibly eye-catching exterior design. With battery electric technology and the SmartCockpit auto-drive, brain technologies were employed to make the driving experience easier and much less complicated. 

The Top Gear blogging staff were excited to conduct an exclusive one-on-one interview with Chrysler CEO Christine Fuelle, who excitedly claimed that this modular plan is the first steps of an ongoing initiative to effectively transition towards electrification. Engineers had developed the STLA Large platform to play well with the demands of battery electric propulsion, while getting ready to exist in its first “BEV-native” underpinnings. This STLA Large platform comes in 400 and 800-volt outputs, which are both constructed by the experts at Lyten. 

This San Jose, CA company is known for its incredible developments regarding automotive lithium-sulfur battery technology, and for creating top-notch electric vehicles in both the D and E market segments. The Halcyon Concept is the second full-bodied concept vehicle developed from STLA Large and came about after the very groundbreaking Peugeot Inception Concept. 95% of what is seen in this striking interior are completely sustainable materials.

One of the features shows respect to the Motor City’s long standing relationship with great music! The logo in the door sills is actually constructed from thoroughly crushed and recycled CDs, paying homage to the Beastie Boys or Rolling Stones numbers you used to frequently spin while on the road. The Halcyon Concept designates Chrysler’s latest AI-based software that offers over-the-air update capability, while also enabling fully remote communication and diagnostic capabilities. This will eliminate the frequent need to visit a dealer for minor problems and offer a more streamlined and personalized ownership experience. 

We guarantee that the next extra-long trip on your itinerary will be better with the features the STLA SmartCockpit integrates: the HVAC systems are self-adapting, and the cabin temperature can be adjusted based on live weather updates made possible by OTA data connection technology. As vehicle thefts have been rising dramatically nationwide, the available biometric-based vehicle security here is top-notch. Also present in the mix is Chrysler’s new Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer tech, which supports a well-implemented EV charging base that uses mass public roadways’ charging capabilities. 

Chrysler has been at the forefront for many groundbreaking automotive inventions such as power steering, power brakes, and fully hydraulic 4-wheel disc brakes, as well as being the very first automaker to engineer a wind tunnel with aerodynamics. The Halcyon Concept sets its sights on a new focus that has a re-aligned direction on new technologies using electric propulsion and advanced driver assistance systems, with the Car and Driver crew enjoying the concept’s see-through infotainment display. The market is in a slightly precarious place, the future is approaching rapidly, and cars such as this will change things forever: we can’t wait to witness the world’s “changing of the guard” regarding clean energy! 

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