Dodge's Diabolical Delights: After-Delivery Surprises for Lucky Challenger SRT Demon 170 Buyers

Posted at Thu, Aug 31, 2023 2:45 PM

We can all agree here at Landmark Dodge of Morrow that when it comes to the automotive world, claims of being the fastest and most furious exist under the highest level of clout! As if it weren’t enough to build the world’s outright fastest 0-60 production car, our brand has now chosen to enhance ownership for Brotherhood of Muscle members who have eagerly acquired the Challenger SRT Demon. 

The first 170 owners of the “Last Call” special-edition vehicle will receive very cool customized, limited-edition items like the delightfully wicked Demon 170 decanter set, along with a custom instrument panel badge. There are other very sweet scores such as a breathable Goodwool car shell, Direct Connection carbon-fiber parts, and a Direct Connection harness bar. Official ordering for the Challenger SRT Demon 170 products is open from September 6 of this year through September 6 of 2024. The Decanter set is a unique commemorative collection that reflects the consistently fierce design of the SRT Demon 170. 

You’ll also be identifying yourself to the DMV and other officiants via your brand-new Custom SRT Demon 170 IP badge, offering up to 16 characters with spaces for personal customization. We already knew that the muscle-loving and stage-commanding Jay Leno was going to have a tough time avoiding this soiree, and this limited assortment will also offer his very own personalized Garage SRT Demon 170 car detail kit. There’s a custom satin-stretch indoor car cover, which molds nicely to the contours of the Challenger SRT Demon 170, with one-of-a-kind logos immediately prominent on each side. 

For the instances where launch control goes far above and beyond to complete its job, there’s the addition of a Direct Connection parachute mounting kit, which includes a powder-coated support bar, powder-coated pack mount, and rear bumper support. These lucky owners will enjoy their respective badges of honor showing off Dodge as the industry’s most powerful brand, proudly offering more horsepower than any other namesake across its entire lineup. Last year Dodge ranked No. 1 in the J.D. Power APEAL Study, rendering it the only domestic brand to do so for the third year straight. 

The Motor Trend team had a glowing review of this 1,025-horsepower drag race special, rendering it “wickedly quick and impressive”. Building an 8-second car on a production line is an incredibly aspirational feat, and being a worker on the “Last Call” edition offers a true sense of durable and all-American pride. On social media, Hennessey Performance hailed the Demon 170 as a high-powered new king, tweeting GOD BLESS DODGE! Automotive Ventures proclaimed that we are “living in the Golden Age of the automobile” immediately after the reveal, and Gear Patrol eagerly exclaimed that the clarification of the 0-60 time is “not a typo”. 

When the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon ushered in 2018 boasting 840 horsepower, it was hailed as the most mind-blowing bookend during its respective chapter of muscle-car history. The pandemic gave Dodge a good amount of time to tinker and experiment, resulting in what is a fine-polished pinnacle of factory-crazy and adept. If you happen to keep this baby at a fully wide-open throttle, you’ll empty the gas tank in six minutes flat. What do we think is the most amazing adaptation for modern times regarding this release? The Demon 170 comes with real-time tuning that adapts to everything from E10 to E85 and can automatically adjust in a pinch to burn it properly.

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