2021 Dodge Challenger

Dodge Plans to Change Muscle Car Formula to Gear Towards Electrification While Still Paying Homage to the Illustrious Iron Block

Posted at Fri, May 28, 2021 12:00 AM

Electrification is an undeniable part of the future for the auto industry, and many feel that the fates of V8-powered muscle cars are going to be acted out like a modern-day “Clash of the Titans”. With this on the table regarding tomorrow, the muscle car category here at Landmark Dodge of Atlanta is experiencing what could be billed as the most promising moments since the golden age in the early 70's. 

A perfect pair of vehicles that are true to their roots just before this massive shake-up is the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger, with character that is ideally-sparked in their Hemi V8 engines. At this point there is not a date set in stone saying you'll be no longer able to purchase an Iron Block Hemi, but just as events take place when developers zone a neighborhood and prepare it for the highest and best use to serve the greater good, that day will appear on the horizon soon. 

A glance at the current lineup allows for anyone who loves the raw power and speed factor of old-school engines to fully revel in horsepower and drag-strip domination with the Hellcat Redeye models. From 394 up to a scorching and all-out-amazing 797 horsepower, these are the very best examples of pavement-crushing and mighty models that offer up a hell of a lot when it comes to the traditional means of generating sheer “thunder and lightning”. Even though many of the most dedicated and fiercely awestruck drivers will be a bit emotional regarding this sendoff of sorts, many aficionados will look back and recognize the current Challenger and Charger models as some of the most enjoyable and high-performing that money can buy. 

As a carryover model, the 2022 Challenger will now offer the same spacious interior and very comfortable seats that help the Challenger feel like an old-school muscle car, in this model that is quite boastfully and iconically “all about raw speed”. The supercharged V8 engine offerings are what really sweep down and make their presence known in the “throaty growl” department while offering a mind-blowing 717, 797, or 807 horsepower rating dependent on which you opt for. 

First, it was hybrids, and then when the world's EVs at the forefront began offering all-electric range, many knew it was only a matter of time until the engines that offer up their delightful whine in the hot summer night stopped rolling triumphantly off the production line. Electrification will bring about a fair amount of change and positive disruption to the car world: the time has long been at hand to abandon fuel sources that don't benefit our healthy existence. When the world's new ways usher in cars that derive their power from kilowatts, heavy-hitting and memorable numbers such as Dodge's current muscle set will surely never be forgotten!

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