Discerning Wagon Wars & Wonders: Comparing the 2023 and 2024 Jeep Wagoneer

Posted at Thu, May 30, 2024 2:15 PM

Some of our favorite models here at Landmark Dodge of Morrow are apart of the Jeep line. The Jeep Wagoneer was first introduced in 1963, as a well-planned response to the Jeep Willy’s hard-working and practical presence. The driving concept was to shift the focus from the World War II era vibe and come up with a model boasting the comfort traits to square off with the Harvester’s Scout.

In late 2019, a thrilling new concept addition was revealed. Since the purchase of a new vehicle is a huge decision, we know that it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of whether or not a model’s upgrade is worth it to you. The Slash Gear auto bloggers on duty cranked out an article this week comparing the 2023 and 2024 Wagoneer models, looking at the specs to see what changes would have a drastic effect on a purchase decision. Here you can carefully ponder waiting to upgrade or hittin’ the campsite for another year straight with the still very awesome 2023 Wagoneer

The power is the topic most frequently brought up, continuing to be the most heavily discussed element of the purchase’s scope. The 2023 Wagoneer is available in the base model or Series I, Series II and III, and Carbide trims. The base level comes with either the standard 392 HP V8 HEMI or the still-sweet twin-turbo I6. The I6 is supplied with all of the trims, and the L model was just introduced in 2023. The increased size boils down to an extra foot of length, with the Grand L offering the salacious 510 horsepower Hurricane engine. 

The 2024 Wagoneer is available in base, Series II, Series III, and Carbine trims. The twin-turbo I6 is equipped with all standard models, meaning that the Series II trim and above does not come out of the gate with significant change. However, the base model and above are still going to heavily benefit from boosted torque and power. With the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, the situation is the same, except for the high-output twin-turbo I6’s option being available on all trims. We can’t stress enough that drivers are still full-on loving the six-cylinder options, as they crank out enough power to conquer the constantly beckoning wild! 

The 2023 Wagoneer brought the quite comfortable tri-zone automatic climate control, a 10.1-inch touchscreen on the dash, and incredibly comfortable leather trim seating. Each step you move up on the trim ladder offers very notable enhancements in entertainment options, performance, and quality of life for the lineup. The Series II trim includes rain-sensing wipers, the Carbide trim adds the sweeping panoramic sunroof, while the Series III adds heated seats in the second row. The 2024 Wagoneer is unique in that it adds air-sprung suspension, which can be adjusted to provide valuable wiggle room for the journey. 

The 2024 Series II Wagoneer also features a choice of display model for the front passenger, while the base model forgoes the option. Official reports from Stellantis had claimed that the Hurricane engine can boast 15% higher efficiency than the outgoing powertrain. The V8 HEMI is no longer available on any of the 2024 models, with the I6’s Hurricane’s improved fuel efficiency making a big difference when compared to the 2023 model. The base model and the L variant boast MPG ratings of 16 city and 23 highway, with the Hurricane model.

The two-wheel drive 2024 Wagoneer offers a two-mile increase for the combined EPA stat, which reflects the slow and steady type of improvement that is still viable. These bloggers’ final opinion is that there is not entirely TOO much difference between the two years, with the Hurricane’s performance in the powertrain category shining bright as one motivation to go with the newer model. 

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