2021 Chrysler Pacifica

Auto123.com Doles Out Urban Charm Heavy Praise for 2021 Chrysler Pacifica's All-Wheel-Drive, No Shortage of Space

Posted at Fri, Jun 4, 2021 12:00 AM

The summertime here at Landmark Dodge of Atlanta is when families most definitely start to make their respective jaunts for fun and enjoyment around the country, and also right here at home to soak up the abundant rays! Swimming pools, soccer fields, parks that are ready to be explored, and trails prone for a bit of mountain bike action all are begging to be descended on by a vehicle loaded up with your favorite crew. The staff on duty at Auto123.com were immediately excited this month about the all-wheel drive's reintroduction to the Pacifica package. 

Top-shelf minivans have most certainly become true living and breathing luxury hives, and families deserve to have everyone in tow with zero complaints about comfort. The all-wheel drive will make customers happy who are on the hunt for precise and grippy traction. It's not just during cold weather that this really becomes sufficient: all of the capable torque can now be sent to the wheels that are currently killing it in the traction category. 

On the outside, the Pinnacle trim level receives brand-new exclusive badging and 20-inch chrome wheels, and there is definitely no shortage of useful space behind the third-row seats. The caramel Nappa leather adds an eloquence that feels as if a black-tie affair could be in the works even with the mini-me's in tow while offering up the Uconnect 5 system and two additional screens to keep everyone's attention. If you have a full crew and need to keep a watchful eye on the kids in the back you can do so with ease via the FamCAM camera! 

 With seats deemed as comfortable as what you would find in a first-class and Pan-AM-influenced worthy cabin and suspension that is massively-fine-tuned for everything you may encounter while navigating Georgia's various terrain offerings, the Pacifica Pinnacle is an excellent choice for road trips that rank as further than average. With 287 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque at its disposal, the Pacifica's powertrain can offer up ample acceleration when it's finally time to descend on the exit ramp and gain proper “family time”-oriented momentum!

We know that the first minivan models that come to mind may make you cringe a big while thinking of family events that don't seem cool in the least, but it is important to remember that not many vehicles have everything it takes to match manifold heat with a finely-tuned sportscar on a closed-circuit track. The well-versed and always-ready crossover SUV has lately become what so many busy families have their hearts set on, but we can guarantee that the Pacifica will come through in the finest ways with class-leading daily capability, seats that are guaranteed to comfort for miles on end, and the well-instilled spirit of a family finally free to explore without boundaries! 

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