A Glimpse At The Future Of Distance And Display Dexterity: Meet The 2025 Chrysler Airflow

Posted at Thu, May 23, 2024 1:30 PM

As EVs are finally a reality and not just a preconceived notion here at Landmark Dodge of Morrow, we have been able to proudly offer many different types of models! They all have their own sense of unique personality and offerings that are suitable for various driver needs. As consumers look ahead to the future of in-cabin technology and make range anxiety a permanent phase of the past, it’s exciting to take a peek ahead at what is coming soon.

Even though few details are fully confirmed at this point, the rumors flying around are fairly solid regarding the coming Chrysler Airflow. It’s a smart-looking crossover that is likely to run on the STLA Medium platform while turning numerous eco-conscious heads with a range well above 400 miles. The Airflow could arrive as soon as this year, and will passionately square off with competition such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Tesla Model Y, and the Volvo XC40 Recharge. Even though solid details are a bit hard to come by, it has now been made public that the Airflow name has been officially trademarked. 

There’s also not a huge amount of info readily available about configurations or trim levels, but the Airflow is likely to offer both single and dual-motor configurations. The Airflow concept car digitally strutted its stuff with a dual-motor setup with powertrains in the front and rear, with each cranking out 201 horsepower. The standard setup could very well offer a single motor, with the optional dual-motor setup available in all-wheel-drive. Chrysler claimed that the Airflow has a 118.0-kWh battery pack that will provide between 350 and 400 miles of range.

This situates things smartly in a competitive stance against long-range versions on the market from Tesla and Ford, which the Car and Driver editorial team was quite excited about. They’ll be eagerly publishing the results from their real-world 75-mph highway test once it's finished, cluing consumers in to how it meets up to its robust expectations. The concept has a four-seat arrangement, but the actual production car is likely to have a more conventional 5-seat setup and comfortable rear bench. 

The cabin initially has a relaxing, spacious, and futuristic vibe, and sports a glass roof along with other very unique touches from the ingenious design minds of tomorrow. The concept featured display screens for the passenger and driver, and rear-seat entertainment screens to properly count the miles on longer journeys. The Airflow will likely feature Level 3 AUtonomous Driving, but not much official information about its STLA Auto Drive system has been released. 

Touting that “mobility means so much more than from point A to B”, the Airflow’s sleek lines and sculptured frame are sure to impress those on the search for truly leading-edge design. Making life in transit simpler and more connected is what all modern carmakers have on their agenda, but here Chrysler plans to create a truly memorable monument to transit and motion! The Level 3 autonomous driving technologies use environmental detection technology, ultimately enabling hands-free operation when conditions are ideal. 

Over-the-air interfaces will let you easily add new features to create exhilarating and driver-focused new experiences. Chrysler Synthesis uses AI-based features to tie together your home, work, and digital environments, along with the benefit of a well-versed personal digital assistant and e-commerce features.

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