5 Ram 1500 Mopar Accessories That top Any Seasoned Truck Lover's Must-Have List

Posted at Fri, Apr 16, 2021 12:00 AM

Brand new truck owners here at Landmark Dodge of Atlanta are always so excited to drive off the lot with a capable and burly new machine that they will immediately be thumbing through online catalogs for the coolest accessories to add a defining touch! There are tons of great upgrades out there that can prepare you for off-road driving and add a touch of your very own personality. The staff on duty at Off-road.com spent an entire weekend at a very challenging off-road location trying out all of the super cool accessories that the Mopar crew offers, and put together a list of the 5 absolute best parts that are bound to give you diesel-inspired and sand-dune-ready wings!

Beadlock Capable Wheels: The team's test Ram truck model was fitted with 35-inch tires, and these awesome beadlock-capable wheels complete the off-road performance package in every way possible. These do an awesome job of keeping the tire attached to the wheel when air pressure is lowered, which improves traction while conquering the wild. Hazards that pop up unexpectedly can cause the beads to disconnect from the wheel, and the included locking rings keep them in place. If you want a version that is street legal and very close to the feel of fully-fledged beadlock, Method Race Wheels offer alternative simulated versions that are still out of sight!

Accessory 1

Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats are there to keep you well-covered when getting debris and mud in the truck during the rowdiest and most fun of drives. This set of heavy-duty floor mats provide top-quality protection for the entire cab, as protecting resale value and keeping it looking as good as possible are not always easy. During the intense months of rapid thaw, if you are out there swinging through ruts and braving the elements before sunup and after sundown, you're bound to have boots covered with the different varieties of sludge that these best protect against! 

This Rambar with LED Lights is one super cool way to illuminate darker areas during night and also complement your bumper and entire front end with an aggressive and cleanly-laid out stance. The included lights are bright enough for you to be alerted about any massive ruts or other hurdles coming your way, and this is the way to go before crossing over to the aftermarket realm to outfit yourself ideally. One of the first cool characteristics that anyone notices about a truck that has been modded in any way is a light bar, adding that “incognito stuntman” quality!

Accessory 2

This Mopar Performance Intake and Exhaust is much like an experienced conductor for the resonating of a well-piped symphony: it is there on deck to make things sound simply amazing! This kit can emulate the sound of what you'd find on a Charger scat pack, but coming from a pickup. This addition to the truck allows you to dig in fully with your ears and amplify the engine in its most natural and rewarding habitat! 

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