2022 Ram 2500 Remains Segment’s Standout With Exceptional Pulling Power, “Excitement That Never Ends in the Driveway”

Posted at Fri, Sep 2, 2022 3:00 PM

The current craze for trucks here at Landmark Dodge of Morrow is much like the many heat waves that took place this summer, and there's currently no end in sight! Capable and tough models such as the Ram 2500 are being praised constantly for their towing ability, luxurious interior, and class-leading powertrain lineup. The last review we came across online was from the Focusdailynews, which began by stating that every time anything from the Ram line is delivered for test driving, the day finds them waiting impatiently at the driveway. 

Once the head auto editor climbed into the front seat of the Ram 2500, he was immediately pleased with how simple it was to see every valuable piece of information accessible on the dash and didn’t feel that he had to break out the owner’s manual just to get the journey started. The first lengthy straightaway proved to offer up handling that felt just like a sedan, and he could not have distinguished its heavy-duty traits if he had not been already informed about the Ram’s exceptional pulling power. 

The engine did not have an adamant growl to it during the cruise, and he quickly figured out how to get the tunes and navigation he needed for the trip on the 12-inch touchscreen display. Brandishing over 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque, the Ram 2500 will never leave you short-handed when you are hauling lake toys or come across a larger-than-average haul challenge during the demanding workday. 

It’s no surprise at all that the RAM has snagged the “Truck of Texas” titles frequently over the past few years, as Lone Star State residents would have a great appreciation for its massive capabilities aligned with just how amazingly comfortable the cabin is when you step inside. For such a large-sized rig, the Ram 2500 accelerates off the line, handles every turn in the road, and stops incredibly well. The seats are well-padded and fully bolstered and have multiple adjustment positions to keep you comfortable on long or short hauls. 

Customers have taken to needing a greater capacity from a truck’s technology features, and this is where our trusty RAM has always been impeccably on point. The top-end 12.3-inch touchscreen you’ll find inside is only surpassed by the luxury systems onboard the much pricier Audi and Mercedes namesakes, and the clear screen does not provide any additional difficulty when getting your organization and in-drive options fired up. 

Those who enjoy every precious decibel of their driving tunes will love the excellent 17-speaker premium stereo, and the driver aids such as blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control are right on point and efficient without providing an extra distraction or hindrance. This extra-large sized truck with an even larger personality boasts the success of being the classiest in its category, yet still saunters menacingly when you see one comin’ at ya: the Big Horn model can stick with budget equipment basics, or be upgraded with improvements to comfort and long-haul capability. 

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