2022 Ram 2500 HD Crew Cab Diesel Hailed as “Unstoppable, Comfortable, and Powerfully Capable”

Posted at Fri, Jun 17, 2022 9:15 AM

Many expert journalists have lately been asking aloud if the 2022 Ram 2500 HD Crew Cab deriving power from the massive Cummins diesel engine is a good value, and nationwide multiple thrilling test drives have taken place. All of us here at Landmark Dodge have always known that this truck makes the mark in every way possible, with its 6.7-liter diesel inline 6-cylinder powerhouse paired with a smooth and efficient 6-speed automatic transmission. 

Just for starters, you’re deriving from a heaping and burly amount that begins with 370 horsepower, 850 lb-ft of torque, 20,000-lb towing ability, and nearly 3000 pounds of payload. Right off the bat, this translates into an amazingly lethal truck that can handle just about any task it's thrown at in the heat of the moment. If it’s luxury you’re after even while having the fun stuff in the form of hauling and a heaping amount of hard work getting done, the Laramie trim provides very impressive additives such as full-black or brown and beige leather, which rounds off the interior impeccably. 

Compared to many others in the same class, the Ram 2500 HD’s suspension handles irregular road issues such as potholes quite well and completes the task pretty much noise-free. The Crew Cab build of this truck feels great at all times and provides a very valuable commodity that any family on a summer trip can appreciate: plenty of room for taller adults across both rows of seats. What a truck can really nail down when it comes to final numbers in the mileage range is now more important than ever, and the average RAM 2500 diesel engine model measures in on the now-dire economic scale right at 14 mpg. 

Some of the awesome new features for the 2022 year are the Updated Uconnect 5 infotainment system, the Big Horn Silver Star Edition, the Power Wagon Level 3 Equipment Package, and some very amazing available items to enhance visibility during the grunty and hefty towing process. With its seemingly unstoppable diesel power, off-road capability in the Power Wagon version, and very comfortable cabin, this is a big truck with a massive longevity factor and brute strength that is ALWAYS going to be hard to beat. 

Some consumers believe that in a world moving towards sustainable electric power, choosing a diesel power truck seems like a step back in time. It is so important to take note here that large semis have incorporated diesel engines for years to make sure they have the best power available for appropriately pulling an out-of-this-world heavy load. Diesel fuel has a property that offers greater density, allowing the use of direct injection to burn a much smaller amount of fuel then takes place on a port injected set up of a gasoline model. Even though the upfront cost is more than gasoline models, you will enjoy amazing towing capacity, an incredibly smooth ride, in a truck that in all situations you could “bet the farm on”.

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