Ram 1500

2022 Ram 1500 G/T Package Stokes The Sporty Side of the Half-Ton's Standard Side

Posted at Sat, Jun 5, 2021 12:00 AM

America's current truck craze is not just prevalent here on the lots and in the offices at Landmark Dodge of Atlanta, as buyers from Philly all the way to Padre Island love these burly and well-seasoned vehicles with a unique flavor. Now that trucks have the valuable horsepower to be able to battle fiercely against America's most sinister muscle cars, they have become a very interesting and appealing blend of some of the world's most exotic and exciting vehicles. 

The MuscleCarsandTrucks crew talked about just how involved Detroit's automakers now are at seeing to the massive expansion and evolvement of the truck segment's innovation and progression, and no one is doing it better than our beloved Ram brand. There's a brand-new package coming to the Ram family that we want to let you know about for next year's offerings, and this new G/T aims to up the sportiness appeal factor and performance, while a bit less focused on the visual appeal that other editions offer. It starts things off with the sport performance hood, and some extra cool G/T package graphics.

You'll notice the “chilling effect” of the Mopar Cold Air intake immediately, as any ultra-fast burst in acceleration will heat pistons and rods up enough have to make way for a bit of a manifold-curing Arctic Blast! The interior sees a solid focus on upgrading the hardware and offers upper-end comfort in the form of 8-way adjustable leather bucket seats, and 4-way adjustable lumbar seats upfront. There are new paddle shifters, and power adjustable-pedals that have memory to recall the most recent setting that kept you situated while the milemarkers or spots to fuel up on some killer street tacos and a cool drink roll by.

Whether you choose washout creeks for off roading and boulder-climbing or choose to navigate every day to work and back flaunting the practicality and haul-ready essence of a pickup, you'll also be enjoying the comfort of front ventilated seats that you can't even score on the award-winning Rebel. The team on duty always willing to get their hands dirty at Mopar Insiders learned that this awesome new package is going to be available on Laramie, Rebel, and Sport models, and we think it's an excellent addition to the many ways you can make this world-class truck stand out a bit as your very own.Where this new generation of Ram 1500 makes a mark in its present-day stature is by dropping nearly 225 pounds with the strength to high-strength steel and other game-changing materials, and its 2019 redesign completely re-defined the luxury and technology that consumers now demand from every truck model that hits the market. Named the “Top Value Truck” by the team on duty at Carsauthority.com, and we fully recommend the Rebel TRX for anyone with a ravenous thirst for massive horsepower: this winner of the Texas Auto Writer's Annual king of trucks boasts 707 horsepower and a massive ton of macho and capable might!

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