From Motor City to Morrow: Coming 2026 Dodge Durango Unleashes BEV and ICE Powertrains

Posted at Fri, Dec 1, 2023 2:15 PM

As the year draws to an eventful and holiday-filled end and we are thankful for abundance and resilience here at Landmark Dodge of Morrow, it’s an excellent opportunity to recognize one of the longest-running and most memorable SUVs on the market today. Its illustrated history kicked off back in 1998, and the current third-generation Durango enjoyed its official launch in 2011. This spacious, capable, and much-loved counterpart is scheduled for a major overhaul in 2026, according to the hardworking experts at the blog. 

The endeavor is currently codenamed “D6U” and is slated to be processed at the Detroit Assembly Complex, directly alongside its explorer-loving relative in the form of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It will be Built on the sophisticated and durable STLA Large architecture. This is the same rad frame that will underpin incoming greats such as the Dodge Charger, Jeep Wagoneer S, and off-road conquering Jeep Recon. Released documents now indicate that this next-gen Durango will feature internal combustion engine and battery-electric powertrain options, with a design capable of delivering up to 300 miles of range.

The skilled designers and engineers hard at work can expertly tailor the platform’s length, width, and powertrain specifications to a very fine-tuned and segment-specific product design style. The March annual dealer’s meeting in Las Vegas also featured the exciting new Dodge E-segment SUV design concept, then called the Dodge Stealth. Spectators there were shown a new three-row SUV with a streamlined and sportier look, with aggressive flair and a vibe that strays adventurously from the “normie’s” daily driver. 

The Motor Trend review team praised the current-year Durango for its “Muscular design, sharp handling, and much-loved presence of the Hellcat.” Heated seats are now available on every model, along with Night Moves, Red Oxide, Frostbite, and Triple Nickel as available exterior colors. In a segment now filling up fast with vehicles that are a bit practical and mundane, The Durango stands out nicely as a muscle-bound and chiseled alternative to the various others in the ranks of three-row competition. 

The popular and pavement-pounding Dodge Charger has lent a bit of its influence to this year’s Durango, resulting in a gaping grille and firmly bulging fender. The range of available V8 power is another excellent trait that further sets the Durango apart, as many of its peers are largely powered by four-or six-cylinder engines. Performance thrills and excellent aesthetics aren't the only things that the Durango has going for it: the infotainment technology has been well upgraded over the past few years, with an 8.4-inch infotainment display as standard. 

New for 2023, Forward Collision Warning is now an option on the entry-level SXT. A satisfied customer from Kansas City had claimed after an excellent year spent with the Durango that “Every time I get in and smash the pedal to the floor or walk up to it in the parking lot, I smile.” The SRT-style fender flares and exhaust are very eye-catching from the side, and the Tow-and-Go trim’s performance exhaust brings about immediate and quite memorable music to the ears. The Durango has also nailed down quite high marks for its fantastic on-road manners, being consistently planted on the road, and systemically lapping up corners so very well.

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